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2-Day Training Offer for NRTF Members


2 Jul 2024

In this NRTF Members event learn how The Old Fire Station Oxford revolutionized data collection with their innovative storytelling methodology. Join us to explore this transformative approach, developed in 2017 in response to the limitations of traditional techniques. Instead of relying on endless feedback forms, storytelling invites participants to share personal experiences in an open-ended, narrative format. Narratives are recorded, transcribed, and edited into concise documents that preserve the storytellers' authentic voices.

Join us for this 2 day course and learn how you can use this method which captures the depth and richness of human experiences, offering valuable insights that enhance project evaluation and impact.

NRTF are subsidising places for NRTF Members at the hugely discounted rate of £65. Members can bring a maximum of 2 additional team members for a reduced rate of £50 each.

In order to participate you must be able to attend both parts of the training, on:

Mon 15 July, 10am - 1pm, and

Thu 18 July, 10am - 1pm.

The price covers the cost of both sessions. 

Book your place by completing this google form.

2-Day Training Offer for NRTF Members

Part 1: Introduction to Storytelling training

Mon 15 July - 10am - 1pm - online

A step-by-step introduction to the Storytelling methodology and how to put it into practice in the context of your own work.

Part 2: Story Collecting training

Thurs 18 July - 10am - 1pm - online

Building on part one, an in-depth and practical look at story collecting, including how to set-up, structure and guide conversation which lead to rich and insightful stories in the voice and words of the storyteller.

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