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Applause is ready to get back to live events as restrictions ease this May, with a host of hand-picked shows perfect to get the community creative outdoors.

Arbor at Unfest

All the shows are Covid Safe, family friendly and designed for outdoor spaces, ideal for a community event, fete, or festival. There are 5 newly commissioned shows and 8 returning favourites providing a plethora of lively, inventive work to wow audiences across rural communities this Spring/Summer. Applause brings exceptional work right into the heart of communities, meaning audiences don’t have to travel far to see top quality performances. Working with a wide variety of events, from small
village fetes to large festivals, Applause offers subsidies to volunteer promoters and programmers enabling them to showcase outstanding performances in their community. In 2019, Applause worked with 70 local events to enliven them with brilliant shows.

“I am so pleased that Applause Outdoors exists! Particularly this year, as we are coming out of lockdown and the crippling effect the pandemic has had on the arts. The Rye Arts Festival has booked many of the acts promoted by Applause Outdoors over the years: The Amazing Cauliflower Machine, Octopot, Bazazi Brothers, Rat Choc Chip to name but a few. So, in September 2021 we are planning to have a day of outside, covid-safe activities from Applause Outdoors at the opening of this year’s 50th anniversary celebratory Festival. It will be a day for families to gather and have fun in the beautiful ancient town of Rye with stimulating activities and shows that will inject some much-needed fun into our return to normality.”

Niki at Rye Arts Festival

Applause will be starting with a bang this May bank holiday weekend with JukeBoxes and Nearly There yet – see listings info below.

To find out more about Applause’s work or to book one of these fantastic performances this summer, please contact Community Engagement Lead, Alice Hiller: or 07979 888734. The performances available for touring this summer are listed below. Further information on all the shows can be found on the Applause website:

• Dizzy O’Dare: Falconry Dismay
A raucous, fun and very silly puppetry show about falconry displays.
• Frolicked: Seeing Red
A storytelling puppetry show that is a modern reworking of the classic fairy tale Red Riding
• James Wilton Dance: iRobot
A human and a robot fly through the air in this part dance, part trampolining extravaganza.
• Frank Wurzinger: Tree Fellas
A hilarious interactive comedy walkabout about a tree family looking for somewhere to settle
• Beautiful Creatures Theatre: Bell Orchestra
An interactive musical game for families, that invites audiences of all ages to come together to
play beautiful melodies on a set of giant chimes

• The Flying Bazazi Brothers: Nearly There Yet
This riotous double act, dance, juggle, and fall over each other for your viewing pleasure
• Eric MacLennan: The Open Air Drawing Room
Audience members are invited to stop, reflect see the bigger picture in a joyful celebration of
collective creativity as they create a giant piece of art.
• Rust & Stardust: Tweethearts
A heart-warming tale of friendship and feathers, with live music, beautiful puppets and an
enchanting tea room setting.
• Smoking Apples: Arbor The Tree
Follow Arbor’s story of being pushed from his home and his fight to preserve his future featuring
a 17ft puppet and beautiful storytelling
• Bootworks Theatre: Jukeboxes
Street theatre fun with two JukeBoxes. Performers pop up with a host of props to bring to life
pop-stars from past and present.
• Enter Edem: Comedy Cavemen
Walk about fun with the cavemen causing chaos and spreading an environmental message.
• Joe Garbett Dance: Doubles
Dance and ping pong collide with this high energy pop-up performance.