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Applause Outdoors – Invitation to Companies/Artists

In summer 2016, Applause Rural Touring will be programming outdoor performances into existing, locally organised village fetes, community festivals and similar events in Kent and Sussex. These events take place almost exclusively at weekends from May to September.

We are looking for companies / artists with an established interest and track record of working outdoors and interactively who would like to be part of this programme. We are seeking:

• Existing work which is in need of some development.

The Honk Project – The Dancing Day Trippers (Applause Outdoors 2015)

There is a total budget of £6,000 available to support up to 4 companies / artists to develop shows which have content appropriate for a village fete or local festival setting. Work should entertain and engage audiences, be self-sufficient (i.e. not require technical or other support / involvement by the host organisation) and be able to be accessed by diverse, non-age specific audiences in a range of time frames (i.e. does not require the audience to arrive at a certain time and remain for a set amount of time).

Performance dates will be booked only on satisfactory development of the piece and an agreed show fee (please see show fee guide below).

Please note:

• Technical Challenges

We will be placing work in a variety of community settings including events that can provide very little technical or other support – the more technical requirements you have, the fewer the possible bookings.

• Programming

Your piece will have to fit around other events in the host event programmes so please consider whether you require the audience to arrive at a certain time and remain for a set amount of time.

• Show Fee Guide

We hope to offer each artist/company about 7 bookings between May – September 2016. We expect a one-person show to go out for £350, a two-hander for £450 and a maximum of £550 for a show with a cast of 3 or more. (If you are applying, please ensure your piece is tourable within these price guides, the fee must include your travel costs)

• Artist / Company Administration

Artist / company administration needs to be strong. Applause will be responsible for booking a place and date for your show but the company will then be responsible for making specific arrangements and finalising details with host venues and promoters. Many of these hosts are volunteers and have no specialist theatre knowledge – you will need to be flexible and understanding.

• Availability

You need to have very good availability for weekends throughout May to September 2016.

Application Process

Please send a proposal (no longer than 2 sides of A4 – we cannot consider proposals that exceed this. Please do not send lots of images we’d prefer website links to examples of your work) including:

• Your background / track record

• A description of the piece proposed for this project and which elements you want to develop (e.g. you need to build a new piece of staging; you want to bring in someone to teach you specific skills; you want directorial or dramaturgical advice on the piece).

• An indication of how much money is required and what you will spend it on

We will expect most of the development work to take place between November 2015 and March 2016. Applause will require evidence (photos and / or video) of the work undertaken. Applause will provide support and practical advice during the development process.

Please send proposals by email to with the subject line “Applause Outdoors 2016 Proposal” by 9am Monday 21st September 2015. If you have been shortlisted, you will be notified by email by Friday 2nd October 2015. We will acknowledge receipt of your proposal, however, we regret we are unable to provide feedback to non-shortlisted applicants.