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Commissioning Brief for short animation film for Rural Touring schemes

Invitation to tender for creation of short animation film for two Rural Touring schemes.

What we do
Highlights and Arts Alive are two rural touring schemes working across Shropshire and Herefordshire (AA) and Northumberland, parts of County Durham and Cumbria (H). We work with predominantly volunteer run local community venues to programme professional live performances, workshops, big screen films (AA only) and a Contemporary Craft Exhibition (H only).
What we need
Highlights and Arts Alive wish to commission a short animated film (Around 2 mins).

Each scheme already has a short film featuring real promoters which gives background to rural touring which can be seen here: (ArtsAlive) and the below video for Highlights. 

We have chosen to commission an animation to give a fresh look and to be able to ‘top and tail’ with titles and logos to make it specific to each scheme, sharing the main section.
Commissioners will provide content for voiceover or text over (however it is decided) and will work with successful film makers to develop the story line.
The message
Both schemes are losing local authority funding and need to get the message across to supporters that there is a new need to generate income via philanthropic donations. Many of our supporters are not aware that we are charities, and many of the benefits of our work are ‘soft’ e.g. contribute to personal and community wellbeing, so we need to highlight the importance of these issues and give them value.
This is a new era, we need to educate and motivate our supporters. These include audience members and the general public who are interested in the arts and/or supporting their rural communities
Key messages:
 Who we are What we do Why we need money How to donate – e.g. donation boxes, online, by post, legacies We can double donations (from Arts Council England Catalyst: Evolve Programme) till August 2019 What you will get from donating – e.g.continued vibrant arts scene in your local community.
The Work
 Produce a 2min animation film with music and dialogue. Agree visual format for film Highlights and Arts Alive will provide content. Using content deliver following message in a simple entertaining way: Highlights/Arts Alive deliver amazing shows in community spaces.     – Who makes it happen – Scheme, Promoters, Audience     – What would we lose without it – Access to great art, opportunities to meet friends and have a great night out in the village hall     – How you can help. Different ways to donate – online, donation boxes, gift aid, legacies, sponsors, Thank you to supporters Meet with scheme representatives to discuss the project and maintain regular email and telephone contact re the development of the project.
Where will film be used?
 On both scheme’s websites Before Flicks screenings (AA) On social media FB and Twitter At public events At promoter gatherings and workshops Sent directly to Promoters
Expressions of interest
Please respond to the brief by email to by 3 May. We would like to see examples of your work and ideas on how you would interpret the brief.
The two finished films to be completed by end of September 2017
The fee will be up to a maximum of £4,000