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Free Online Workshop for Members - Making Sustainable Environmental Changes - 2nd July


23 May 2024

Making Sustainable Environmental Changes

Half day workshop for Theatre Makers by Smoking Apples Theatre

(This is a free tester workshop online, booking required, see below for details)

Environmental Sustainability is a big topic! There can be masses of data, carbon reduction targets and loads of long reports and resources to trawl through and consider. It can all feel a bit overwhelming and leave you thinking you have no idea how to start or how to make changes.

This 3 hour session is an introduction to making sustainable environmental changes, where to start, and how to identify positive change. It offers participants the opportunity to transition to making greener choices within the arts sector and more importantly how to make it sustainable and achievable, within the resource you have available to you. 

We've done the leg work and delved deep into the resources, through creating them for our own work. This session will equip you with how to identify sustainable adjustments you can make, and how to empower people accessing your work or venue, helping audiences also make positive environmental changes. 

Easy-to-digest templates and resources will be available to get you started on your environmental journey.

This session is aimed at organisations, freelancers and artists working in theatre who want to move towards a more sustainable practice but don’t know where to start.

To Book your place, please contact

Free Online Workshop for Members - Making Sustainable Environmental Changes - 2nd July

Key aims:

  • Introduction to Environmental/Sustainable Practice

  • Identifying what changes need to be made

  • Understanding templates/resources for data gathering

  • How to implement change effectively and sustainably

  • Having a clear understanding of how to make your choices achievable year round

  • Understand how you can build and develop your impact over a longer period. 

  • Access to resources

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