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New Directions Showcase 15-17 July 2014 highlights announced

Highlights for the New Directions showcased were announced today with booking open for members only until 22nd April. 

NRTF is delighted to announce highlights for New Directions 2014.

As part of an exciting evening at the Fauconberg Arms in Coxwold:-

Work by award winning theatre & folk company Fine Chisel, and spoken word poet & performer Henry Raby.

At the York Theatre Royal delegates will be treated to extracts and pitches featuring amongst others:-

The Red Chair – Clod Ensemble; Some People Have Too Many Legs – Jackie Hagan; Strictly Balti – Travelling Light; Brilliant (Film Version) – Fevered Sleep; The Sid Lester Village Hall Special – Sue MacLaine; Shopping and Fracking – Pentabus; The HS2 Project – Gameshow and Camden People’s Theatre; Hurtling – Greg Wohead; The Love Project – Every Day; My Dearest Girls… – Francesca Millican-Slater;  RIOT – Wardrobe Ensemble.

This year we are delighted to feature a special morning of dance showcases including:-

Spiltmilk say Dance – Spilt Milk; Labyrinth – Sonia Sabri; Panta Rei Dance Theatre from Norway.

For more information and for a members booking form.