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NRTF Extend Free Membership

The NRTF recognises that this continues to be a difficult time for individual artists, creative freelancers, arts organisations and everyone involved in the rural touring sector. Last year, as a gesture of solidarity, we announced associate membership to the NRTF was free for a year. We are delighted to be extending this offer for another year for anyone eligible for a level three membership (individual artists, producers and none regularly funded performing companies).

Membership to the NRTF is open to anyone interested in rural touring, regardless of previous experience. Membership will allow you to access all of our resources, receive the weekly bulletin which contains the latest sector opportunities and news. Members automatically receive details for our monthly member meetings, create a profile on the NRTF website, and share news to other members via the discussion boards.

If you are not sure if you are eligible for the free membership level, or are a larger performing company who wish to continue being members of the NRTF but will struggle to cover your annual fee this year please contact us on

For existing eligible members, when you’re current membership comes up for renewal, you will automatically be sent an email to renew. If you are already registered as a level 3 (individual artist, small company, producer) the membership fee will automatically be set at £0. For those of you who have been members for several years, you may find your membership level has been set as ‘Level 4’ which is intended for larger, regularly funded performing companies and organisations – if this is not you, or you are a larger company but would struggle to cover your regular fee please contact us on Please note that depending on the membership type you register for effects the resources you can access, the bulletin and member meeting invitations you receive.

New members – How to register

  • Go to our website
  • Choose the type of member you are from the list
  • Fill in all the information you are asked for in the sign-up form
  • The membership fee will automatically be £0 for eligible member types. If you find there is a fee applied at checkout which would be unfeasible for your organisation, please contact us directly. Wherever possible we will discount fees as needed.