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NRTF members share rural touring top tips

The NRTF are starting to gather and share little nuggets of what we might call “best practice” around the rural touring networks. There are lots of us doing similar things, from promoters to artists to scheme managers to members of our audiences, even, and there are lots of good ideas out there that we want people to share.

Each week, we will post on twitter and facebook a “Top Tip” from someone – probably no more than 25 seconds long – which will also sit here on the NRTF website into the future. The idea is that someone else might see it and think “I/we could do that too.” Please look out for them as they appear – and please think about whether you too could offer up a Top Tip. ​Get in touch with us if you want to make some – you might be a performer, a promoter, a member of the audience or a scheme manager – it’s very easy, all we need from you is the short raw video clip from your phone or tablet and we will do the rest.​

Once we have shared the top tips they will stored in the Our Work section of the website for you refer to whenever you like.

If you’d like to offer some advice please send your top tip videos to