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Rural Touring Dance Initiative – Selected Companies announced

We are delighted to announce that the newly selected dance companies taking part in our Rural Touring Dance Initiative are:

Lost Dog, Protein, Joan Clevillé Dance and Lîla Dance selected from 155 companies and artists applying to an open call out.  These companies will join Panta Rei, Phoenix Dance, Spilt Milk and Sonia Sabri Company (selected as part of New Directions 2014) touring to rural communities across the UK.

A further five companies; James Wilton Dance, Sarah Blanc’s Moxie Brawl, Tom Dale Company, Greg Wohead and Ben Wright’s bgroup, have been shortlisted to receive a potential commission of £45K to create a new show. As part of the initiative these five companies will take part in a week long residency ‘The Darkroom’ where their ideas will be developed and explored further.

All companies will attend ‘The Lab’ a three-day specially designed course to be held at national folk arts centre, Halsway Manor in Somerset 19-21 October. The course will focus on addressing the challenges of re-working a production so that it can adapt to the variety of spaces that make up the rural touring network.

For more information on the project  and to download the press release attached to this announcement go to

For more information about the companies:

James Wilton Dance –
Sarah Blanc –
Tom Dale Company –
Greg Wohead –
bgroup –
Lost Dog  –
Protein  –
Joan Clevillé Dance –
Lîla Dance –

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