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2019 conference & Rural Touring Awards

NRTF CONFERENCE 2019! Hi-Vis: Value, Impact & Success of Rural Touring
Welcome to NRTF 2019 Conference
Hi-Vis: Value, Impact & Success of Rural Touring
2nd – 4th July 2019 Pontio Centre, Bangor, Wales.

The conference will be a mix of conference sessions and showcasing with the theme of the value of Rural Touring. This is a conference for Schemes, Promoters and Artists of the Rural Touring sector. #HiVisRuralTouring

More information and costs coming soon.
In the meantime SAVE THE DATE!

CYNHADLEDD NRTF 2019 ! Hi-Vis: Gwerth, Effaith a Llwyddiant Teithio Gwledig
Croeso i gynhadledd NRTF 2019
2il – 4ydd Gorffennaf 2019 Canolfan Pontio, Bangor, Cymru

Bydd y cynhadledd yn gymysgedd o sesiynau cynhadledd ac arddangosfeydd gyda’r thema o gwerth Teithio Gwledig.
Cynhadledd ar gyfer Cynlluniau, Hyrwyddwyr ac Artistiaid y Sector Teithio Gwledig yw hon #HiVisRuralTouring

Mwy o wybodaeth a chostau i ddilyn.
Yn y cyfamser Cadwch y Dyddiad !

National Rural Touring Awards celebrate the breadth, passion and professionalism prevalent in the rural touring sector. The awards recognise the quality of the arts, the promoters, venues and wider industry. It is our opportunity to draw attention to the quality of performance and performing companies as well as to collaborations and the network of individuals who go above and beyond on behalf of the health and cohesion of their local community. The awards reward not just the winners but everyone who has performed, organised and taken part in Rural Arts & Touring.

You are invited to vote for what has stood out for you in rural touring last year in 2018!

Click here to see the full list of awards and to place your nominations.