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Welcome to Russ Tunney, newly appointed Director at Pound Arts Trust!

We’re delighted to welcome Russ Tunney, who’s just taken up the post of Director at Pound Arts Trust:

Having just taken up my new post as Director of Pound Arts (hub for Rural Touring South Gloucestershire and Wiltshire) I am frantically reaching out to introduce myself to as many partners, collaborators, artists, and  customers as I can. I was attracted to the post at Pound Arts largely because of the passionate commitment the company has to rural touring. I have a zealous belief in the responsibility that arts organisations have to their communities and to animate dialogue, debate and cultural fulfilment in their regions. If we don’t do it who will? I hope that in my time at Pound Arts we will build on the excellent foundation laid down by my predecessors and extend the already huge impact that we make into our communities. This introduction is also an open invitation for people to get in touch if you think that you can help us do it…

I come from a theatre background – I have worked for most of my career in what used to be called regional rep theatres and have worked both as a manager and also as an artist. I am a theatre director and writer and whilst I have worked a lot in conventional theatre spaces it is also true that a considerable amount of my work been produced in or toured to unconventional spaces. My shows play often in village halls, schools, churches, community centres, once in a cattle market and amazingly two years ago aboard a historic steamship. I know what it is like to produce, promote and make work on the rural touring circuit and I understand how vital this work can be in providing a sprinkling of joy in these communities. I live in Salisbury and drive over the great Plain each morning to work – I pass so many village halls knowing that what I do in the office that morning will help create an evening of pleasure in that very venue at some point. It’s a good feeling, and in these times of reduced central support for what we do, it’s a good remainder of why arts organisations are there – we exist to bring audiences and artists together. I look forward to seeing you at an event at some point in the future!

Russ Tunney
Director, Pound Arts Trust