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NRTF Board Away Day

Tuesday, October 9, 2018

The National Rural Touring Forum Board of Trustees and observers consist of promoters, performers, senior schemes staff and Arts Council. We meet at least 4 to 5 times a year to ensure the success and good governance of NRTF.

Stanford Dingley Club Room

This September we had an away day, which was a chance for me, the Director and the Trustees to have the space to explore ideas, innovative initiatives and to better understand the needs of our members.

As I reach my 6-month-in-the-job mark I decided to invite the board to my village to see NRTF HQ, our local Clubroom (where we held the meeting) and also to see where I am from. 


I am lucky enough to live and work in a beautiful village called Stanford Dingley, an hour west of London in West Berkshire. It was a hot Indian summer day so we could make the most of the surroundings.

I probably have one of the tiniest HQ’s in the land. It is small but perfectly formed and probably now Pinterest-able! 
For me it is important to have a place to work that is uncluttered and just how I want it. Lets be honest I spend most of the hours in the week here, so I have made it a little heaven to get my head down  in, and do the best job I can.

NRTF Board Members

We had a picnic lunch then a countryside ‘walk & talk’, which really works in avoiding the post lunch slump and keeps the energy in conversation going when you have limited time.

On the away day agenda, amongst many other things, was our members and how to best support their/your needs. We are always interested in hearing ideas form members about how to expand what we do!

It was a very productive day and it was fun. Keeping a proactive and supportive board enthused and engaged is so important for organisations and an away day is a good opportunity for this. The NRTF (and I) are very lucky to have the support of such an amazing group of Trustees each one with a wealth of Rural Touring Knowledge.

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