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NRTF Director goes to Juliet & Romeo

hursday, November 8, 2018

It was a dark and cold Sunday, November evening, the type of evening you might light a fire and curl up on the sofa with a hot chocolate… Not me!! I keenly left the house at 6pm in the pitch black to drive to a village called Collingbourne Duces in Wiltshire to see Juliet and Romeo.

Welcomed to a large village hall by the lady at reception who also manages the hall. I didn’t catch her name but she was very friendly and accommodating and looking forward to seeing the production. The hall was already full, despite arriving in good time, bar open lots of chatter.

I sat on an agility table at the back, higher than the chairs, and normally used by the children’s gym classes held there in the week. I was grateful as I could see the dancers feet this way! I got chatting to the couple in front of me. She commented that normally she knows everyone but this evening she didn’t recognise most people. She believed people are travelling long distances to see the renowned dance company Lost Dog.

It starts, conversation aimed at the audience about a marriage in trouble, the audience finds itself part of some kind of interactive, memory based, marriage guidance counselling.

Heartbreak and humour, surrounded by beautiful dance and evoking memories. Anyone who’s been in a long-term relationship can relate to aspects of this performance. It’s self reflective, emotional and truly stunning. As it completes I need to take deep breaths and look at the ceiling, please don’t cry!

I hung about to say hello to Ben Duke & Solene Weinachter who devised and performed Juliet and Romeo. I met Ben in 2004 at the very conception of Lost Dog Dance, when I was running a Theatre at the Edinburgh Fringe (The Roman Eagle Lodge). So it was great to catch up being in my role as Director of NRTF.

Juliet & Romeo is touring as part of the Rural Touring Dance Initiative

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