Artists Contract – COVID Cancellations

Posted on: 2nd August 2021
Posted by: NEAT

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Emyr – we’ve made some big changes to our contracts over the last year, I’ll drop you an email.


Arts Alive & Flicks in the Sticks

Ian Kerry says
we have paid a couple of companies in full, but our contract says this:

e. If a performance is cancelled due to Covid -19. Notwithstanding the general provisions relating to cancellation set out in Clauses 1a-d above, if either the Promoter or Arts Alive decide for reasons associated with the Covid-19 crisis (of which Arts Alive shall be the sole arbiter) to cancel the performance, then:

• Arts Alive shall pay to the Company 50% of the show cost together with such reasonable expenses (as to which Arts Alive shall again be the sole arbiter) as have been incurred.

• No other claim from the Company will be entertained.

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