Edinburgh fringe- Halfway there!

Posted on: 18th August 2022
Posted by: Gavin Robertson

Edinburgh fringe- Halfway there!

Greetings All…


So today is August 18th and we have only 5 performances of DONE TO DEATH BY JOVE! to go – we’re sharing a slot so on every OTHER day… Aug 19,21,23,25,and 27…. at The Space Triplex at 5.05pm.


There are tickets but we have also been selling-out, so DO get in touch either through me gavin@gavinrobertson.com or Edfringe via Arts Industry etc if you’d like to come. We’re currently awaiting confirmations from NEAT for dates in October along with a couple of other Rural Schemes but we’re touring through 2023 so DO come see us if we’re on your menus- and if not, we’d like to be!

Hope you’re having a productive Fringe… don’t be shy now!

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