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NRTF Resources

Here is a list of our Rural Touring focused resources. Some of these are only available to our members.


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A directory of rural touring schemes, including information on what they programme and when to contact them.

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Information about our online and in person, upcoming member meetings. 


  • An introduction to the rural touring scheme model 

  • Artists Suitability Quiz

  • Brighton Fringe Academy: Introduction to Rural Touring

This document is based on CONCERTA, a 2019 research report that was commissioned by the NRTF. Contributing to Community Enhancement through Rural Touring Arts: CONCERTA is a national study of the benefits, for local community development, of a relatively under-researched form of creative activity: rural touring arts.

This resource includes:

  • CONCERTA research note in PDF

National Rural Tour Forum Exploration into the environmental impacts, practices and carbon footprint of Rural Touring in partnership with Julie's Bicycle, May 2023.

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In this hour-long presentation Stephanie Jessop takes you through the ins and outs of marketing for rural touring. From why your leaflets should be portrait to the way you describe your show.

Also included are downloadable PDFs with more details and information.

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Eyes Wide Open is a practical guide for all companies and artists wanting to tour their work to rural and community venues through one or more of the rural touring schemes that operate across England and Wales. It is intended for new and emerging companies representing mainstream and specialist work, and for established companies and artists who wish to engage with rural audiences.

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