Equal Opportunities Policy Statement

The NRTF is committed to the principle that there should be genuine equality of opportunity for all sections of the population in the practice, appreciation and enjoyment of the arts.

This policy applies to discrimination and equality of opportunity in respect of ‘protected characteristics’ as defined in the Equalities Act 2010:

 Age;
 Disability;
 Race;
 Sex;
 Religion or beliefs;
 Marital status and civil partnership;
 Sexual orientation;
 Gender reassignment;
 Pregnancy and maternity.

To this end a policy of equal opportunities informs and guides all aspects of the organisation's work. The NRTF wishes to secure genuine equality of opportunity throughout its work as an umbrella organisation for those committed to promoting professional arts with rural and other communities in the provision of its services, in its responsibilities as an employer and in its own management structure.

The NRTF recognises and values the rich cultural diversity which exists in contemporary British society and will encourage and assist any disadvantaged group to achieve a position from which equality of opportunity can operate.

Its services, policies and procedures are designed not to discriminate either directly or indirectly against any group or individual.

The action plan will continue to focus on Race and Age from the protected characteristics. A third area it was agreed to consider was the socio economic status of people living in rural areas.